5 Tips to Drive Engagement and Conversion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The leaves are changing, Starbucks has released their winter cup design and Christmas music is in full force. That’s right, the holidays are here and according to Forrester, US holiday spending will exceed $100B in 2016. The buying season opens on Black Friday which is only a few days away. Is your site experience ready to win this holiday season?

Consumers are ready to spend, so it’s important that you have a solid plan ready to support their needs. Retailers who make the shopping experience easy and even fun will come out on top. Here are a few last-minute tips for a successful Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday season.


Tip #1: Get Social!

Go where your shoppers are. Drive them back to your site with creative holiday social campaigns they just have to click on or offer them a deal they can’t refuse. Once you get the shopper to your site, hold on tight and don’t let go! Make sure you have a personalized campaign landing page in place to present the most individualized and relevant shopping experience to keep them engaged and guide them down the path to purchase.


Tip #2: Email on Fleek!

Yes, I said it! Make sure to evaluate your email strategy. Are your emails cool and engaging?  Are they targeted and personalized? The best email campaigns are offering customer-specific targeted holiday offers, content and imagery with dynamic personalized recommendations to increase click-through rates and boost conversions. Also, make sure to use creative subject lines and well-timed email delivery to increase open rates. According to Forrester, Sixty-four percent of consumers are likely to read an email because of who it is from, and 47% open emails because of a subject line.


Tip #3: Help Me, Help You!

By offering a Gift Finder tool, you can help ease the shopping process and ensure optimal product findability based on their preferences. A Gift Finder tool ensures shoppers make the right purchases by engaging them through an interactive questionnaire. The shopper is enabled to tell you more specifically what their interests are or those traits of friends and loved ones who they may be purchasing gifts for. Helping shoppers find the right products helps you to create a better customer experience resulting in reduced bounce rates, increased time on site and higher conversion rates.


Tip #4: I Want You Back!

Don’t let shoppers slip through your fingers. Keep them engaged and help them find their way back to your site to complete the sale. By leveraging real-time remarketing and/or retargeting, you can quickly react to abandonment with high-impact triggers such as cart abandonment, browse abandonment and wish list abandonment. Target your shopper first by offering guidance through articles and videos. Then follow up with a more aggressive outreach plan including personalized ads, promotions, discounts and free shipping thresholds.


Tip #5: No Blinders Zone!

Always analyze and optimize. Never assume your program is running according to plan. Use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to look for optimization opportunities as you push into the December holiday month.


Check out our Holiday Guide for more tactical tips and proven strategies that support a successful holiday season. Happy Selling!


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