Benefits of Personalization Platform

Personalization Platform Having a personalization platform is a sure-fire way to increase a variety of important aspects on your site like revenue, conversion rates, average order value, revenue per visit, etc. But, how does a personalization platform do this? Certona’s recommendations, driven by the Resonance personalization platform, are generated in the following manner: When the consumer first gets to... Read More

Continuing to Compete in Forecasted Consumer Spending Slow Down

The Analyst Reports about December 2011 spending and expected short term trends are not as rosy as some had hoped.  Giving the consumer what he or she wants is more important than ever as spending remains sluggish. Look to a personalization engine to help. Reports are still coming in regarding the financial numbers from the... Read More

How Can Recommendation Software Improve Your Website?

Business is all about one’s ability to stand out above the competition. Doing so online can be a tricky ordeal as millions of websites virtually duke it out for the attention of web surfers. Recommendation Software can help to ensure that visitors of your site won’t want to leave, regardless of the type of device... Read More

Capture Attention With The Right Recommendation Engine

For your customers, getting personalized help from a recommendation engine may be the difference between completing a purchase with you and flipping to another site where they can easily find what they want. In the late nineties, it was enough for your business just to have a website. Today, that’s clearly not the case, and... Read More

Personalization Engines Make More Of Every Click

As a customer moves from product to product on your site, clicking link after link, are you watching every move? Are you making certain they see the right product so you can complete that sale? Without a good personalization engine, there’s no way to watch every customer on your site, but the right software could... Read More

Building Brand Loyalty with Email Personalization

Brand loyalty is hard to inspire in customers these days, but email personalization is one quick way to begin this successful sales strategy. Getting individuals to purchase items from your site is one thing. Getting someone to turn to you as an authority in your field is another thing entirely. Repeat customers are going to... Read More

The Two Most Important Factors in Online Merchandising

Online merchandising doesn’t mean throwing a sign in the virtual window to advertise your next sale. There’s much more to it if you expect real results. At the core of any online merchandising campaign must be the idea that presentation affects what gets sold, and while many retailers associate this with all the right trimmings... Read More

Using Personalization Software Off-Site

The uses of a personalization engine can also be employed once the customer has left the site. Through improved communications and alerts, the buyer may be drawn back to the site. With custom recommendations from the call center, you customer doesn’t have to go online at all to enjoy the benefits of a personalization engine.... Read More

What is a Personalization Engine?

A personalization engine is a powerful tool. It can help create a custom shopping experience for each customer, on every visit. It also helps craft customer communications and ultimately increases revenue for your ecommerce site. A personalization engine is a tool for your online business. This technology creates a unique experience for each customer on... Read More

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