Case Study: How One Fashion Brand Used Personalization to Drive New Product Sales

Today’s retail competition is fierce, leaving brands to look for innovative ways to keep shoppers engaged and coming back for more. Personalized shopping experiences are now the dominating approach enabling retailers and brands to create an edge in the market by curating superior shopping experiences based on the shopper’s unique and individual traits.

However, the trend of emerging Fast Fashion lines poses a challenge for retailers who have the need to quickly launch a new product line, drive visibility to those new products, all while ensuring shoppers are still receiving the relevant and personalized experience they expect.

For this reason, we’re highlighting a client success story of a global high-end Fast Fashion retailer who worked closely with Certona to develop a custom product catalog feed to enhance discovery of newly launched products.




This high-end fashion brand was faced with the challenge of launching a new product line and wanted to ensure their shoppers were able to easily discover the new items while maintaining the most relevant and personalized shopping experience. These challenges included:

  • Helping shoppers discover and find new products that are relevant to them
  • Urgent need for a timely solution due to the nature of Fast Fashion lines
  • Limited internal resources and data to solve this issue



This high-end fashion brand partnered with Certona to develop a custom-built product list specifically for the new line of products. This custom product list was integrated into Certona’s personalization engine and was used for real-time, behavioral-based recommendations.

This solution enables the fashion brand to make relevant new product recommendations based on individual shopper browsing behaviors within the same product category.

For example, if Jane is browsing jeans, she will only see recommendations that include jeans from the new product line.

These new product line recommendations were initially implemented on the product detail pages and also within the popular “Quick View” overlay on category product listing pages. After a few days, the new products built up affinities to other products on their site which in turn provided additional product recommendations on the shopping cart page. This solution created more opportunities for discovery and conversion.


In addition to increasing product exposure, Certona’s real-time personalization engine was able to utilize the interactions between shoppers and the new items which led to incremental revenue from these products further down the shopping funnel.



The custom product list solution proved to be a success, as shoppers were viewing and purchasing the new products that are being recommended. During a one-month time frame for the new product line promotion, the fashion brand saw 24% increase in click-through rates of the recommended new products, 8X more products were purchased than was recommended, and 30% of sales during the launch timeframe came from the new product line.

With new product lines launching regularly, fashion brands should leverage personalization to drive product awareness ultimately increasing sales, as proven with this case study.

If you would like to learn more about how personalization can help your business, contact us for a complimentary personalization assessment.

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