Certona personalization

Omnichannel Retail… it’s here, it’s real, it’s personal.



Create more engaging and personalized customer
experiences across every channel.

Certona’s personalization software automates a business’s ability to provide tailored customer interactions by dynamically delivering individualized content, creative, offers and product recommendations. Available for web, email, mobile & tablet, contact center and in-store, Certona enables omnichannel businesses worldwide to deliver the consistent and personal shopping experiences their customers expect.

In the Moment Experiences Tailored to Each Customer

With each interaction and click, Certona learns more about your customer and delivers the most contextually-relevant experiences in real-time.



Consistent Brand and Shopping Experiences, Anytime, Anywhere

Drive engagement and increase revenue by leveraging Certona’s partnerships with top-tier providers to design experiences catered to mobile consumers.


Mobile & Tablet

Increased email performance with personalized dynamic content using the Certona Experience Manager™.

Drive click-through rates, boost conversions and increase revenue per email by sending the right message at the right time! With the Certona Experience Manager, businesses have the flexibility to curate customer experiences that align with specific business goals and test, analyze and optimize email strategies for maximum revenue per email.


Email & Remarketing


Customer Service Agents Who Know The Customer

Improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by giving your agents a view into merchandising and customer profiling insights.


Contact Center



Real-Time In-Store Experiences

Enhance brick-and-mortar shopping experiences and drive sales by bringing the value of 1:1 real-time personalization in store.