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Maximize email performance with true personalization.

Increased Email Performance with Personalized Dynamic Content

Drive click-through rates, boost conversions and increase revenue per email by sending the right message at the right time!

Email marketing continues to be a top priority for businesses, and Certona helps you get the most out of your efforts. We enable digital marketers to turn static emails into dynamic campaigns tailored to each unique customer. Personalization is delivered when an email is opened, ensuring the most targeted offers, content and individualized product recommendations based on each customer’s most recent activity.

With the Certona Experience Manager, businesses have the flexibility to curate customer experiences that align with specific business goals and test, analyze and optimize email strategies for maximum revenue per email.

Certona Email & Remarketing
  • Engage with Personalized Marketing Email

    Acquire new customers and drive higher click through rates by delivering personalized targeted email offers and personalized promotions.

  • Recapture Lost Sales with Personalized Remarketing Email

    Trigger emails based on customer interactions and recapture their interest in a timely manner. Remind customers of what they’re missing and encourage a purchase with targeted offers, personalized content and recommendations.

  • Take Advantage of Transactional Email Open Rates

    Nearly 100% of all transactional emails are opened. Create additional sales from cross-sell opportunities with personalized offers and product recommendations.

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