Unleash the power of in-store data and experiences.

Real-time In-Store Experiences

Enhance brick-and-mortar shopping experiences and drive sales by bringing the value of 1:1 real-time in-store personalization. Key to developing an omnichannel personalization strategy, in-store personalization is about connecting online and offline shopping experiences to customer data. Taking it a step further, collecting data from in-store activity as a part of Certona’s continuous profiling harmonizes data between and across channels, to provide connected consumers the seamless omnichannel shopping experiences they have come to expect.

Connecting Data for Seamless Personalization

There are many ways of personalizing the in-store experience all of which can look quite different. Technologies change fast and any sort of interactive experiences can only become ‘smart’ when they are connected to the proper data streams. Certona can empower these technologies to recognize the individual and respond seamlessly in real-time.

Certona In-Store
  • Empower Sales Associates

    Providing tablets and implementing a personalized tablet site and/or applications arms sales associates with the knowledge of profile-based product recommendations for assisting customers and pursuing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Bring the Personalized Digital Experience In-Store

    In addition to utilizing Certona’s geo-fencing capabilities to deliver offers through mobile devices based on a customer’s proximity in and around stores, using kiosks to bring the personalized web experience in-store is becoming more popular. Digital displays, endless aisles and just about any digital media can be personalized.

  • Harmonize Data Across Channels

    Utilizing a common consumer identifier to bridge the data flow between in-store and eCommerce channels, Certona pulls in all aggregated data including behavioral, historical, loyalty, demographic and beyond, to offer enterprise businesses a complete omnichannel personalization solution.