mobile and tablet

Connect with consumers anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Brand and Shopping Experiences Across Devices

Drive engagement and increase revenue by leveraging Certona’s partnerships with top-tier providers through mobile personalization to design experiences catered to mobile consumers.

Taking the mobile experience to the next level, Certona combines all aspects of a visitor’s current interaction—what they’re browsing, their location, weather, time of day and more, with customer profile intelligence and segmentation to deliver consistent and contextually relevant experiences across any device.

Certona Mobile & Tablet
  • Engage Consumers with Mobile & Tablet Sites

    Engage consumers at home or on-the-go and aid in product research, promote product discovery and influence purchasing decisions.

  • Improve the Value of Mobile Apps

    Nurture loyalty and send personalized offers and content targeted to customers’ current location and activity.

  • Enhance Responsive Design

    Beyond simple layout response, leverage contextualization to better personalize the mobile experience.

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