the web experience

Delivering a personal touch your customers expect.

In the Moment Experiences Tailored to Each Customer

Build customer loyalty, increase lifetime value and drive revenue by showing your customers that you get them!

With each interaction and click, Certona learns more about your customer and delivers the most contextually-relevant experiences in real-time.

With the Certona Experience Manager™, businesses have the flexibility to curate customer experiences aligned with specific business goals, and to test and optimize website personalization strategies for maximum performance.

Certona Web
  • Deliver Individualized Product Recommendations

    Drive product discovery, cross-sell and upsell for your eCommerce website by helping customers find exactly what they are looking for at that immediate moment, and generate interest in additional products as they are guided through the shopping process.

  • Personalize the Entire Web Experience with Content & Offers

    In addition to product recommendations, engage customers with personalized imagery, offers, articles, reviews, and more, delivering pages dynamically built to each customer’s preferences and current session activity.

  • Maximize Page Performance

    Leverage Certona’s industry best practices, guidance and revenue optimization expertise specific to each website page.

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