CERTONA technology

Personalizing the Customer Experience. It’s in our DNA.

Curate, manage, test and optimize every step of the customer journey across all channels

Certona’s 1:1 real-time customer experience personalization combines real-time context with unmatched customer profiling and dynamic merchandising, enabling you to deliver individualized content, offers and product recommendations across all channels and touchpoints.

With the easy-to-use experience manager, digital marketers are empowered to take control and test, optimize to deliver the best possible experiences for your customers so you can acquire, engage, convert and re-market to them in the most effective way.

Highly Targeted and Optimized Recommendations
Across All Touchpoints

Personalizing web, email, mobile, contact center and in-store, the Certona Experience Manager™ supports omnichannel businesses worldwide, delivering the highest performing personalization in the industry.


Personalization Platform

Personalized Experience Management at Your Fingertips

The Experience Manager profiles first time visitors after only 3-4 clicks and then keeps learning on return interactions and from aggregate community behavior.


Certona Experience Manager