the certona ADVANTAGE

How It Works: The Highest Performing Personalization Platform

Turn Hit or Miss Shopping Interactions into Personal Experiences Tailored to the Individual

Powered by a sophisticated blend of continuous profiling and real-time targeting, the Certona personalization platform augments behavioral profiles with every interaction. This develops customer insights that fuel intelligent predictions to deliver increasingly individualized experiences as customers engage across touchpoints.

Personalizing web, email, mobile, contact center and in-store, the Certona Experience Manager is a personalization platform that supports omnichannel businesses worldwide, delivering the highest performing personalization in the industry.

Certona Personalization Platform
  • Customer Data

    Ingesting all customer data, the Certona personalization platform identifies the who, what and where of each customer, including attributes, demographics, social graph, browsing and purchase history, location, current session site context and more.

  • 1:1 Real-Time Targeting

    Through Certona’s patented personalization platform, all customer data is profiled using behavioral knowledge, contextualization, segmentation information and predictive intelligence.

  • Customer Engagement Objectives

    Business rules and strategies are created, managed, tested and optimized in the user-friendly Certona Experience Manager.

  • The Result

    A personalized customer experience that touches on all interactions across all channels.