Why Personalization Will Be A Key Differentiator This Holiday Season

Personalization, the digital marketing industry’s favorite buzzword, is once again being touted as a key area for brands to up their game in the upcoming holiday retail period. And with good reason. The latest research reveals promising stats about the benefits of personalization – marketers who have adopted personalization tools are already experiencing significant uplift. How can personalization... Read More

Pier 1 Imports’ Omnichannel Strategy Focuses Around Personalization

Pier 1 Imports is delivering a hyper-personalized omnichannel experience for its shoppers as part of its “1 Pier 1” corporate initiative. The new strategic initiative aims to create one cohesive experience in Pier 1’s brick-and-mortar and e-commerce channels. To help achieve its goals the furniture and home good retailer has partnered with Certona, a leader... Read More

Personalization is Key to Pier I Imports’ Omnichannel Strategy

Pier I Imports is getting personal in its online marketing efforts, delivering individualized content to customers that is based on their previous shopping activity. The retailer has partnered with Certona, a provider of real-time omnichannel personalization, to deliver a “hyper-personalized omnichannel experience” to shoppers. The partnership supports Pier 1 Imports’ development of its ‘1 Pier 1’ corporate... Read More

Personalization: The Solution To Your Retail Renovation

  We are now a generation of digitally motivated and hyper connected consumers. According to Deloitte, this trend leads consumers to buy more and spend more, building a case for retailers to invest in digital interactions in the next five years. While digital is an important component of today’s retail environment, it’s personalization that influences... Read More

Setting The Stage For Retail Disruption: The Omnichannel Advantage

  Silicon Valley is itching for the next technology disruption, but what industry is best primed to nurture this innovation now? Companies like Apple, Uber and Airbnb are the current darlings, having shaken up the music, transportation and hotel industries, respectively. But now it’s the retail industry’s time to shine. Retail, Interrupted The retail industry... Read More

GameStop CEO: Digital Will Be a $1 Billion Business for Us in 2015

As gaming goes digital, GameStop’s Paul Raines is finding ways to back up his brick-and-mortar business. GameStop still gets the lion’s share of its revenue from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, but the specialty video game retailer is hardly panicking. “We’re trying to drive an internal rate change that’s faster than the world around us,” says CEO... Read More

Why One Data Scientist Thinks Facebook is Adding a Dislike Button

A “like” on Facebook is not a strong enough signal for purchase intent, explains Certona CTO Geoffrey Hueter There has been a lot of speculation why Facebook is adding a dislike button to its repertoire. Yes, I know…CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it wouldn’t be a dislike button — that would be too negative — but... Read More

Sports Authority Personalizes the E-Commerce Experience for Anonymous Shoppers

  Sports Authority’s e-commerce platform can predict visitors’ next moves and provide relevant recommendations after just three to four clicks. The personalization solution, powered by Certona, allows the sporting goods retailer to connect with signed in and anonymous shoppers alike with recommendations tailored to their particular shopping history. “At Sports Authority, we strive to provide... Read More

Three Questions Retailers Must Ask Before Buying Into Buy Buttons

  In the digital age, one thing is certain. Consumers crave instant gratification. From drone deliveries to mobile payment apps, millennials’ demand for speedy service and convenience is significantly altering the retail landscape. So what is next in terms of e-commerce innovation? Many speculate the buy button, which allows shoppers to purchase what they see... Read More

E-commerce Gets Real with Patent 8,788,445

Retailers’ quest to offer shoppers a personalized experience just took a step forward thanks to a newly issue patent designed to detect and eliminate non-human Web traffic. In what appears to be a victory over Internet bots that troll web sites and distort user data, Certona said its newest patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,788,445, titled,... Read More

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