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Jan 19th webinar: Kibo Personalization's ROI potential for B2B firms

B2B eCommerce

Personalizing the B2B Experience

Digital disruption and the new B2B buyer are completely transforming the way business purchases are researched and completed. Buyers are engaging through multiple channels and have higher expectations than ever.

We understand your challenges
Your buyers’ behavior may have changed, but you still have complex catalogs and purchasing processes. While more buyers are choosing to research on their own online, product discovery, pricing transparency, and purchasing ease are the determining factors of a successful B2B experience.

Personalization simplifies B2B complexities
Make your digital channels do the heavy lifting, and tailor the experience to your buyer—not what you’re selling. Combine our personalization best practices with your unique purchasing and approval workflows to guide the customer journey and create a seamless experience across all channels.


Personalization: The New Foundation…


Personalizing the B2B Experience


Personalizing B2B Experiences



Personalizing B2B Experiences

Certona approaches B2B personalization differently. Our team takes the time to get to know you, your customers, and your specific user and purchasing workflows to ensure the best one-to-one experience wherever buyers are engaging, including websites and contact centers.

  • Increase Findability & Transparency

    With large catalogs and pricing specific to the business account, many B2B sellers find it challenging to offer the right products to the right person at the right time while meeting growing buyer expectations of transparency, immediacy, and convenience.

    On top of these challenges, your buyers are self-sufficient—leaving your sales team out of the loop until late in the customer journey.

    Personalization removes manual labor and automatically optimizes the experience to create relevant interactions with your buyers, so your sales team can focus on customers who really need them.

  • Guide Your Buyer

    Often times, your buyer is looking at many products with similar characteristics and trying to make the best decision for their business. Your customers feel better when they can help themselves.

    Make the experience intuitive with personalized search results, recommendations, and product finders that are relevant to their business account and also make B2B buying fun and easy.

  • Tailor the Experience

    B2B buyers will engage with your company in multiple ways and expect streamlined engagement and experiences tailored to their company.

    Personalizing the B2B experience orchestrates all of your customer touchpoints by bringing together multiple data sources to help buyers find what they need and content that assists their decision making.

  • Streamline Purchasing

    B2B purchasing isn’t as easy as hitting a “buy” button. Depending on the account, multiple stakeholders may be influencing the buying journey.

    By connecting CRM data, integrating custom workflows, and making personalization a priority, you can create a seamless experience that makes purchasing easy—ultimately, driving more revenue and conversions and building loyalty throughout the business account.

  • Increase Conversion & Revenue

    When you make the buying journey seamless, your customers have a reason to come back.

    Personalizing B2B buying drives better experiences and repeat customers—building loyalty for your business and ultimately boosting KPIs, including AOV, AOQ, RPV, conversion, and revenue.

"It's about helping those business end users find what they're looking for faster--often in a very complex, large catalog."

B2B selling is not the same as B2C.

Along with large catalogs and unique purchasing approval processes specific to your customer and their business account, there’s something unique about the B2B buyer: they’re not necessarily the end user of your products.

These people have fallen into the role of buying on behalf of their company, a vital role for the basic health of the organization. To add more complexity, there may be more than one buyer or stakeholder in this process with different levels of access and needs.

Because of this, the buying process is one of the many tasks on their to-do list. They want to find what they need quickly and use fewer vendors to complete their responsibilities of restocking the office with necessities.


The B2B buyer has changed.

Although selling to these buyers is drastically different in many ways, the B2B buyer has adopted many of the same traits we see in B2C shoppers. After all, aren’t we all consumers at the end of the day?

From digital-first behaviors and using omnichannel touchpoints to following the best deal over remaining loyal to a seller, their day-to-day habits as a B2C consumer influences the way they research sellers and their offerings, who they purchase from, and how they complete those purchases.

With consumerized mindsets, your buyers expect to see products, offers, and pricing specific to their account.


Prioritize personalization to give a competitive edge.

Personalizing the B2B experience for these buyers means they’re more efficient, look better in front of their boss, and in turn, build loyalty with your company. Exceptional B2B marketers looking to differentiate CX prioritize personalization.

Maximize the lifetime value of your customers by creating the optimal experience for each stakeholder using Certona’s patented platform and best practices. By incorporating your complex workflows, customer data, and Certona’s personalization best practices, you can engage your buyers with relevant products, content, and messaging not only tailored to the business account but also to the individual or individuals completing the sale.

Once you get into the mind of your buyer and consider how they think and what they need, you can make them a rock star at the office while simultaneously generating more revenue by increasing product discoverability, pricing transparency, and purchasing ease.