Steve Madden Selects Certona to Personalize Shoppers’ Experience

San Diego, CA – July 15, 2014Certona, the leader in real-time omnichannel personalization for the world’s largest brands and retailers, today announced that it was selected by Steve Madden (NASDAQ:SHOO), a leading designer and marketer of fashion footwear and accessories for women, men and children, to deliver integrated, hyper-personalized experiences to its customers as they browse, share and purchase their favorite footwear and accessories.   

Through Certona’s patented technology, Steve Madden can identify new and specific customer segments, and then strategically target content by segment. As shoppers navigate Steve Madden’s interactive, digital ecosystem, they receive targeted content and product recommendations that most appeal to their individual tastes.  


Certona Delivers Competitive Advantage with Real-Time Personalization through hybris Extend

Integration enables highly individualized customer experiences that drive sales for B2B and B2C retailers 

San Diego, CA – June 5, 2014 — Certona, the leader in real-time omnichannel personalization for the world’s largest brands and retailers, today announced a new integration with hybris software, an SAP company and the world’s fastest growing commerce platform provider. By combining real-time context with unmatched customer profiling and dynamic merchandising, Certona empowers hybris customers to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences built on robust predictive analytics.

Certona’s 1:1 real-time personalization platform extends the capabilities of the hybris commerce platform to provide increased customer engagement, conversion and average order value and drive customer loyalty and lifetime value, while automating and optimizing merchandising and experience management.

Specifically, Certona’s patented technology allows business to:

  • Enhance customer experiences through continuous customer profiling in real-time
  • Expand product discovery through the seamless extension of personalized content across channels - web, mobile, email, contact center, and in-store
  • Simplify replenishment and product replacement, and reduce manual merchandising


Certona Increases Average Order Value by 50 Percent with 1:1 Engagement and Predictive Personalization

ROI showcases how Certona’s client base uses personalized engagement
to drive customer acquisition, conversion and retention across all channels

SAN DIEGO, CA – April 22, 2014 Certona, the leader in real-time omnichannel personalization for the world’s largest brands and retailers, today unveiled it is driving measurable ROI for its clients by enabling 1:1 personalized customer experiences across all stages of the customer lifecycle: Acquisition, engagement, conversion and remarketing. The metrics are reflective of over 500 online and multichannel retail brands.


Certona LINK Cartridge for Demandware Commerce Fuels 29 Percent Increase in Average Order Value for Global Brands

Solution equips businesses with real-time consumer profiling and predictive personalization, resulting in direct revenue growth

San Diego, CA – June 3, 2014Certona, the leader in real-time omnichannel personalization for the world’s largest brands and retailers, today unveiled statistics on the significant growth their integration with Demandware is driving for global brands in customer conversion and revenue. 

Certona, a Demandware LINK Technology Partner since 2010, enables individualized and real-time consumer profiling and the predictive display of personalized product recommendations and content to be seamlessly integrated into a Demandware digital commerce site. In 2013, joint retail clients of the integration achieved, on average, a 162 percent increase in conversion, a 29 percent increase in average order value (AOV) and a 48 percent increase in items per order – ultimately achieving a 6.7 percent incremental lift in online revenue. Certona’s proven experience on the Demandware Commerce platform is extended over 145 sites and across 47 countries. Mutual clients include: New Balance, Crocs and Elie Tahari.

“The Demandware community of clients, employees and partners continues to grow and innovate within the retail industry,” said Tom Griffin, SVP, Corporate Development of Demandware. “The ROI of the Certona integration is a testament to the innovation within this community, as well as to the value of personalized user experiences for business growth.”


Certona Predicts Consumer Behavior with Patented Technology

Omnichannel personalization provider awarded US patent,
cementing ten years of leadership in individualizing customer experience

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 11, 2014 Certona, the leader in real-time omnichannel personalization for the world’s largest brands and retailers, today announced that the United States (US) Patent Office has issued the company a patent for representing and predicting human behavior. Validated by the patent, Certona’s platform has the unique ability to profile and predict behavior within three to five clicks across all e-commerce traffic, including the largest untapped segments of new and anonymous traffic, which is estimated to be over 50 percent of e-commerce site traffic. This insight lets brands and retailers better personalize user experience to drive ROI. Certona’s technology does not require brands to collect any personally identifiable information, thus protecting consumer privacy.

“In the ever-competitive e-commerce marketplace, brands need to build a digital relationship with their customers. Our new patent makes us the first to provide digital retailers with the power to profile new and anonymous web traffic in just a few clicks – non-intrusively – enabling them to create a personalized experience during a customer’s first visit,” said Dr. Geoffrey Hueter, Certona CTO and co-founder. “This automatic and continuous learning about their web, mobile and in-store visitors enables retailers to predict behavior so they can anticipate consumer interests and deliver a 1:1 individualized experience.”

US Patent 8566256, “Universal system and method for representing and predicting human behavior,” covers key components of Certona’s Resonance® personalization and experience management platform such as individual profiling, continuous learning and self-optimization. Resonance allows businesses to bring together their customers’ contextual experiences and behavioral data to generate a positive and relevant response for each visitor. The platform also collects explicit and implicit object ratings and creates deep customer profiles that enable the real-time prediction and delivery of personalized digital assets, including product recommendations, content and offers.