Rethinking Personalized Shopping Experiences: A Digital Commerce That Comes to You

Today’s consumer has high expectations for both in-store and online shopping experiences. Retailers have come a long way to innovate and meet these demands yet according to Gartner, “almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned – a rate that’s been consistent for a decade.” New innovative approaches to digital commerce have worked to bring value to the business but are lacking at sufficiently putting the shopper at the very center of the shopping universe.

Retailers need to rethink their approach. Instead of expecting shoppers to come to them and follow the path they’ve defined, retailers must now create what Gartner is calling, “commerce that comes to you,” meaning an intuitive digital commerce experience that instantly brings the most relevant items to the shopper – when, where and how they want it.


Traditionally retailers have focused primarily on selling products and have lacked attention to the unique needs and wants of the individual shopper. Savvy retailers are now rethinking their digital commerce approach and moving towards personalized shopping experiences.


The concept of creating a “commerce that comes to you” strategy includes two fundamental elements:

  • Understanding the shopper as an individual
  • Anticipating the shopper’s needs

This approach eases the shopping process by delivering a more relevant and intuitive experience.


The next part of a “commerce that comes to you” approach is recognizing that today’s shopping journey has no beginning and no end. The cycle starts when the shopper wants, from any point in the journey and should continue beyond the sale. Retailers need to create an experience that is always personalized, which will ensure the shopper gets maximum value and support during their journey.


Finally, a “commerce that comes to you” approach requires a combination of technologies and channels that take the shopping experience to the next level. Retailers need to leverage omnichannel personalization solutions that use big data insights and real-time predictive analytics to present individualized content and product recommendations across all touchpoints, anytime, anywhere. It’s also important to have a social strategy to ensure extended reach and peer-to-peer advocacy for product reviews and recommendations.


In the end, creating a personalized commerce that comes to you means revolving the entire experience around the individual shopper. This approach creates a shopper-centric experience that will drive sales and increase customer relations and satisfaction… aka repeat business.

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