Real-time Omnichannel Personalization.

PERSONALIZATION solutions for every marketing function

Tools to understand your customers and take action.

With our integrated suite of omnichannel personalization solutions, Certona empowers digital marketers and merchandisers to transform the way they engage with customers by creating a single, hyper-personalized omnichannel experience across all touchpoints, for the ultimate engagement and conversion advantage.


Re-rank and personalize search results and product listing pages based on a shopper’s intent implicit in prior or current behavior.


Create actionable behavioral segments based on event-driven, specific shopper interactions.


Recapture more sales by easily identifying shoppers that are most likely to convert and re-engage them with timely, personalized offers and individualized recommendations.


Capture context of shopper keystrokes in real-time to deliver personalized keyword and product results including type-ahead keywords and visual product personalization.


Engage shoppers through a fun and relevant product discovery journey with interactive product and lifestyle questions.

Smart Segments

Leverage a wide range of segmentation methods that allow users to discover and target personalization to new segments based on criteria that is most appropriate to their businesses and audiences and on the results of advanced data analysis and predictive technology.

Certona® Predictive Cloud™

Leverage a collection of consumer profiles, predictive modeling, predictive analytics, personalization services and API’s that power the Certona Personalized Experience Management™ suite

Real-Time Data Integration

Deliver highly personalized experiences in real-time to each visitor based on continuous collection of profile data which includes purchase history, browse behavior and real-time context. Further augment profile intelligence with additional customer data from CRM, 3rd party, POS and social.

Smart Experiences

Personalize virtually every aspect of every interaction to create a completely tailored experience across all points of engagement.

Product Recommendations

Leverage comprehensive merchandising and marketing tools, driven by one-to-one deep customer profiling.

Content & Offers

Target content such as creative assets, articles, blogs and promotional offers to customers based on their profile information.


Leverage behaviors across geography and time segments to influence recommendations, content, creative and offers. Use weather forecasting data to prepare for weather patterns that affect shopping behavior.


Ingest and analyze 3rd party demographic, CRM and social data to find behavioral patterns to uncover new segments.

Predictive Segmentation

Analyze contextual, consumer and behavioral data to make predictions that can be imported back into client systems and be leveraged for marketing campaigns.

Smart Discovery

Capture shopper intent to engage early in the shopping experience with relevant visual and interactive discovery.

Decision Engine

Incorporate merchandising rules, brand biases, new product information, A/B testing rules, strategy slotting and all other data points that will append information to individual profiles.


Collect comprehensive reports for analyzing personalization performance and optimizing for success.

Asset Management

Upload, edit, host and manage digital assets to facilitate campaign and content management.


Create sophisticated personalization strategies, curate with flexible business rules, apply segmentation and better target content, imagery, offers and promotions.

Smart Test & Optimization

Automate experience testing to obtain results faster and more accurately by isolating test variables, auto-balancing audiences and coordinating winning experiences across all digital assets.

Certona® Experience Manager™

Achieve business objectives with next-generation tools for managing, shaping, promoting, demoting, testing, measuring and optimizing every aspect of your personalization program.

Empowering Digital Marketers & Retailers to Achieve the Highest Level of Engagement

Certona’s advanced personalization capabilities ensure the right content, creative, offers and product recommendations are reaching the right person at the right time.


Smart Experiences

Leverage a Wide Range of Segmentation Methods to Tailor Consumer Interactions

Segmentation on its own can be very targeted, but when combined with Certona’s predictive, one-to-one personalization technology it takes the customer experience to a whole new level.


Smart Segments

Create a 1:1 Personal Touch Throughout the Entire Shopping Journey

Capture shopper intent to engage early in the shopping experience with relevant visual and interactive discovery.


Smart Discovery

Turn Insights From Testing and Analysis Into Actionable Business Decisions

Certona’s Smart Test capabilities extend beyond display elements to true personalization strategies that can be tested against one another.


Smart Test & Analytics