personalize every step of the shopper journey in real time

Go beyond basic personalization to predict intent and individualize the experience for each shopper. Leverage real-time, 1:1 profiling and deep learning to increase engagement, sales and boost average order size.

Search & Discovery Solutions

It’s all about product discovery and findability – Create an experience where the right products come to your shoppers. Help your shoppers quickly find products they are looking for while enhancing relevant product discovery to drive more sales.


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Personalized Content Targeting

Show the right content to the right shopper at the right time – Maximize your marketing efforts by showing relevant content to your shoppers right when they want it. Personalize hero shots, promotions, articles, videos, buying guides and more.


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Product Recommendations

Predictive, real-time product recommendations – Drive higher average order sizes by leveraging Certona’s patented predictive modeling capabilities to automate and deliver individualized product recommendations based on in-the-moment shopping behaviors, context and profile information.


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Email & Abandonment Remarketing

Turn static emails into personalized dynamic campaigns – Improve open and click-through rates while increasing sales by personalizing your email marketing and remarketing campaigns. Drive more engagement with real-time individualized messaging, content and product recommendations.


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