Leverage personalization to expand your business and enhance the customer experience.


B2B Ecommerce is undergoing a transformation. That’s because every B2B customer is likely an online shopper, so B2B organizations should embrace proven B2C commerce practices to deliver user-friendly and relevant customer experiences. But building a personalized omnichannel experience is difficult. It requires integrating new technologies and methodologies and evolving away from legacy systems and processes for conducting business.

One of the most effective strategies for success is capitalizing on personalization. Combining account level and CRM attributes, new customer segments and personas better inform and drive more relevant experiences. As a result, this makes your customers’ jobs easier by helping them find what they are looking for faster—which is the primary goal for your B2B buyers!

By 2018, Gartner predicts, B2B companies with effective personalization on their e-commerce sites will outsell by 30% competitors without the same level of personalization.

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