smart Discovery

Capture shopper intent with relevant visual and interactive discovery.

Smart Discovery

Step up to the next big opportunity in digital retail—enhancing product discovery from search and interactive navigation. Capture shopper intent by engaging early in the shopping funnel and deliver smart, individualized experiences with adaptive navigation.

Guided Discovery

Like your best store associate, Certona Product Finder & Gift Finder asks questions and aids shoppers in discovering, filtering and selecting products based on their explicit interests and preferences utilizing Certona’s patented shopper profiling. Product Finder helps customers narrow the list of search results based on their declared preferences through answering multiple and engaging questions.


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Visual Discovery

Enhance onsite search and navigation by capturing context of shopper keystrokes and clicks to engage early in the shopping experience with real-time, personalized product recommendations and suggestions.




Provide customers with the results they want to see faster by re-ordering search and category results using behavioral modeling that will present up front what is most likely to resonate with each customer.

Paid Search

Use search keyword modeling and profile information to provide the best experience as customers enter a site and create personalized results for customers who do on-site searches, ensuring they get the best results first.