smart experiences

Personalize every interaction to create a completely tailored experience across all touchpoints.

Smart Experiences

With unmatched customer profiling, real-time data collection and delivery, Certona’s advanced content and product recommendation¬†capabilities empower digital marketers and retailers to achieve the highest level of engagement and conversion.

Experience managers can be sure that the right content, creative, offers and product recommendations are reaching the right person at the right time.

Product Recommendations

Named Internet Retailer Top 500 Personalization Leader for 7 years in a row, Certona enables merchandisers to leverage 1:1 real-time personalization tailoring the entire customer experience to each unique visitor with individualized product recommendations.


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Content & Offers

Combining deep customer insights with real-time context allows for automated experiences tailored to each customer, including personalized offers, creative imagery, videos, articles, advice and more, driving interaction and boosting sales. Automation reduces man hours and other internal resources to keep those costs down.¬†Available for web, email, mobile & tablet, contact center and in-store, Certona’s omnichannel personalization solution enables you to deliver brand consistency throughout the customer journey, and provides the seamless shopping experience that customers expect today.


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Landing Pages

Use search keyword modeling and profile information to provide the best experience as customers enter a site and create personalized results for customers who do on-site searches, ensuring they get the best results first.

Search & Listings

Provide customers with the results they want to see faster by re-ordering search and category results using behavioral modeling that will present up front what is most likely to resonate with each customer.

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