smart segments

Better targeting from
smarter insights.

Smart Segments

Segmentation on its own can be very targeted, but when combined with Certona’s predictive, one-to-one personalization technology it takes the customer experience to a whole new level. By layering in historical cross-session knowledge and real-time activity for each visitor with a wide range of segmentation methods, we enable delivery of highly targeted content, offers and individualized recommendations to each customer within a segment.

Leverage a wide range of segmentation methods that allow users to discover and target personalization to new segments based on criteria that is most appropriate to their businesses and audiences and on the results of advance data analysis and predictive technology.

Behavioral Segment

Gain additional insights from all data. With collective analysis of behavioral, contextual and consumer data, Certona can make predictions that refine personalization to segments with similarly identified attributes and behaviors. Not just for personalization, these predictions can also be imported back into client systems to be leveraged for your marketing campaigns.

Consumer Segment

You have the data. Why not use it! Demographic, CRM, social and other types of 3rd party data can be ingested and analyzed to find behavioral patterns for uncovering new segments, and for further targeting personalization to these segments.

Contextual Segment

Today’s consumers expect interactions tailored to their specific circumstances. Access contextual data that helps you define those circumstances.

  • Day Parting

    Align experiences with day and time-based purchasing patterns.

  • Weather

    Predict and deliver experiences that will satisfy customer needs resulting from impending weather conditions.

  • Geotargeting

    Beyond just geography, Certona excels at providing rules-based capabilities for targeting personalization to any combination of geotargeting information – including latitude, longitude, city, postal code, area code and much more – with other contextual data, such as day-parting and weather data.

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