smart test and analytics

Optimization for winning experiences.

Smart Test & Analytics

Simply put, testing is critical to achieve success in personalization. With flexible control in defining and optimizing the consumer experience, Certona allow digital marketers to turn data insights into actionable decisions for your business.

While other vendors provide basic ‘look and feel’ testing, Certona’s Smart Test capabilities extend beyond A/B or multivariate testing and display elements to determine the most effective personalization strategies after testing against one another.

Run Multiple Concurrent Tests without Interference

With a dedicated lane of site visitor traffic for each experience, simultaneous tests can run independent of each other, ensuring accurate results. Certona offers powerful and actionable business intelligence through a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box and custom reports that includes intuitive filtering to quickly view the most relevant performance data, dynamic charting to identify trends and anomalies, as well as robust export options to easily share information with others.

Optimize Every Customer Interaction

Certona’s simple and unique approach to testing provides results faster and more accurately. We do this by isolating test variables, auto-balancing audiences based on how many tests are occurring at that moment in time and coordinating winning experiences across all digital assets, thereby eliminating any interaction effects that may occur with multiple test variables in other systems.