Great Customer Experiences Built On Omnichannel Engagement

Certona’s 1:1 real-time personalization combines real-time context with unmatched customer profiling and dynamic merchandising, enabling you to deliver individualized content, offers and product recommendations across all channels and touchpoints.

With the easy-to-use experience manager, digital marketers are empowered to take control and test, optimize to deliver the best possible experiences for your customers so you can acquire, engage, convert and re-market to them in the most effective way.

Certona Experience Manager™

The Certona Experience Manager is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution from Certona that delivers highly targeted and optimized recommendations to each visitor automatically based on each individual's unique real-time behavioral profile and purchase patterns. The Experience Manager profiles first time visitors after only 3-4 clicks and then keeps learning on return interactions and from the aggregate community behavior.

Insight Experience Manager

Curate, manage, test and optimize every step of the customer journey with our easy-to-use Experience Manager designed by the most established personalization provider over years of helping clients exceed their business goals.   

Quick and Easy Implementation

Simple to implement, simple to use. With Certona, you can minimize IT effort and implement quickly by tagging your site with a single line of code that can get you up and running within a few weeks. We also support a variety of other implementation methods suitable for small, mid-size and large companies. We will work with you to ensure the implementation meets your technology needs in a timely way.