Top 5 Personalization Tips to Win This Holiday Season

2016 holiday sales are expected to hit new records. According to the NRF, “Holiday sales for 2016 are expected to increase by 3.6%. This forecast number is above the 7-year average of 3.4% since the recovery began in 2009.” Retailers need to ensure they are ready to meet consumer demands and deliver the most personalized shopping experiences possible.


For this reason, we’ve compiled our top 5 personalization tips for a winning holiday season based on our recently released 2016 Retail Holiday Strategy Guide where we share our best practices and proven strategies to create a holiday plan that boosts engagement and conversion.





Here is a quick rundown on the top 5 personalization tips retailers need to address to standout this holiday season.


Tip #1: Increase Relevant Product Findability: Help your shoppers to quickly and efficiently find the products that are most relevant to them. Shorten the purchase path by engaging the shopper early in their journey with personalized experiences. Dynamically display the right products at the right time by capturing shopper traits and browse behavior allowing you to ease the searching process.


Tip #2: Standout with Visual Discovery Tactics: Shoppers have a lot of choices, so providing a convenient shopping experience is a necessity during the holidays, regardless of channel or device. Leverage tactics such as enhanced search and interactive navigation to help shoppers discover products that are relevant to them.


Tip #3: Create a Connected Holiday Experience: Today’s digitally savvy shoppers are engaging with your brand through multiple channels including the web, mobile, email, call center and in store. To provide a truly personalized multi-touch shopping experience, you need to recognize and connect behaviors across all touchpoints by integrating various data to gain a complete view of your customers and how they interact and shop with your brand.


Tip #4: Reduce Abandonment with Enhanced Engagement: 73% of shoppers have abandoned a retailer’s website because they could not easily find what they want (OnePoll Survey). Ensure your personalization strategy is optimized to reduce bounce rates by presenting the most relevant content and products to keep shoppers engaged. A cart or browse abandonment strategy is also important to re-engage and recapture potentially lost sales.


Tip #5: Inspire with Email Personalization: 82% of shoppers prefer email to be personalized, and 81% are more likely to make a purchase after receiving a personalized email ( During the holiday’s email campaigns can be a retailer’s best friend if done correctly. Target holiday offers, content and imagery with dynamic personalized recommendations to increase click-through rates and boost conversions.


Download our 2016 Retail Holiday Strategy Guide to explore each tip more in-depth and learn concrete personalization best practices and strategies that will boost your holiday selling season.


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