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Gartner Names Certona Personalization Leader For 3rd Straight Year

Putting the AI in Retail

There is still a sense of mystery around AI technologies and how they can be leveraged for retail. Earlier this year, Certona and Astound UK hosted a workshop with leading European retailers to discuss how AI is driving the future of personalized digital experiences. 

The whitepaper examines how in recent years, rapid developments in artificial intelligence have highlighted the skill of computer scientists and the wealth of companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. The vast amounts of capital businesses are willing to pump into the technology also indicate the significant role AI is expected to play in our future.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Using AI & Big Data for Personalizing and Predicting Customer Experiences
  • Putting Data in the Spotlight to Better Understand Your Customers
  • A New Approach to Data-Driven Marketing

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