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What to Expect From Your Recommendation Engine Provider

What to Expect From Your Recommendation Engine Provider

If you’re shopping for a recommendation engine, there are several things you may want to look for before you make a purchase.

A recommendation engine can personalize your customers’ entire shopping experience. As e-commerce continues to explode, on-line retailers are seeking out more and more ways to give shoppers a dynamically personal buying experience. Customer loyalty and retention is central to building business and building a brand. By delivering compelling and customized content to the customer, you keep their interest (and thus their business) longer. Your solution provider should be experienced in a multi-channel approach to custom online merchandising and be able to show you measurable results.


It’s vital that the right product recommendation is made at the right time. It takes sophisticated recommendation software to place the product in front of the shopper at the best possible moment to capture his attention and convert it into a sale. Many solution providers have only been in business for year to two and have not yet grasped all of the nuances of these powerful tools. An experienced provider can give you the guidance you need to direct your ecommerce practices and improve your customers’ experience thorough a variety of means. This expertise is derived through hard work, practice and time. It is a skill honed in the marketplace and can only be delivered by a company with a proven track record.


A provider with more experience in the field is better able to build the personalization software that will engage your customer with not only personalized search results but unique landing pages, targeted email alerts and mobile targeting, too. Your provider can help you create personalized tools like email newsletters, automated email alerts and real-time call center recommendations. This multi-channel approach gives you better access to your customer data and increases the number of conversations you have with him.


Your recommendation system should do more that show options. It should be a reactive system that collects data and provides results you can use. Choosing the best practices depends on the gathering of reliable information and providing a practical analysis of what has been learned. Your system should be able to tell you more about your customers’ browsing and shopping habits and their responses to personalized recommendations.

Recommendation Engine Solutions

Your provider should be a results-driven partner for your ecommerce site. Measurable performance metrics should be integral aspects of the services offered. Your solutions provider should offer analysis of the data collected and insights as to what those results mean for your business and your site’s functionality. Your provider should offer flexible services and responsive to your needs. Your site deserves the attention a high-touch provider should give.

Personalized shopping attracts customers to your site and helps keep the conversation flowing even after the shopping cart is closed. Your customers don’t want a run of the mill shopping experience on an ecommerce site. A custom-tailored approach to ecommerce will give them more of what they really want.