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Email Personalization for Effective Campaigns

Email Personalization for Effective Campaigns

Email advertising is a great way to get some mileage out of your advertising dollars, and a good recommendation system helps you boost your efforts.

Email advertising is a very cost-effective means of delivering a message. Email campaigns don’t incur the cost of paper, printing or postage. Compared to the cost of placing traditional print ads in publications, email advertising is a bargain.

However, email isn’t always as effective in garnering a measureable return on investment as one might like. Mass marketed emails don’t always interest everyone on a mailing list. Getting those buyers to click through to your website takes a little more effort. Email personalization can make your campaign measurably more effective.

Email Personalization

Ads designed to appeal to a mass market may not get the attention you want, but a targeted ad will. Email personalization creates messages that focus on a particular customer’s interests. A recommendation engine will collect data about the customer’s browsing and shopping behaviors and match that data to your products and their particular attributes.

By utilizing recommendation software, you can make sure the products you are featuring are going to be of interest to the recipient. Giving the customer personalized recommendations often results in a repeat visit. All your email communication can be tailored in this way. From transaction confirmations to promotional email blasts, you can send your customer a targeted message.

Personalized Opt-in Alerts With Recommendation Engine

In addition to sending out targeted emails, a recommendation engine can give your customer the opportunity to sign up for alerts on products or promotions. You are able to communicate when those items are on sale or back in stock with opt-in alerts.

Opt-in alerts are a very effective way to encourage a repeat site visit and continue the retail conversation in multiple venues. Your customer can choose to be alerted via a mobile device or on their social media pages as well as by email. This multi-channel approach keeps your company in the forefront of the buyer’s mind.

Personalization Software – Measurable Results

Any marketing campaign must be measured to judge it effectiveness. A personalization software provider should be able to generate reports that show how the campaign is generating traffic in a measurable way. Metrics and analytics should be part of any recommendation engine company’s package. An experienced company will be able to decipher the numbers into a format that you can use to direct business practices and retool your efforts.

Focus your message with email personalization. Your marketing efforts can be improved with the help of a recommendation engine. Your site traffic will increase and so will your bottom line.