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B2B eCommerce Personalization – Are you ready?

B2B eCommerce Personalization – Are you ready?

Times are changing. Businesses and buyers are well informed and patience as a virtue is now lost as the online B2B buyer expects a relevant and easy experience. Whether searching for a product or information about a product or service, delivering a fast, efficient experience is vital for capitalizing on the projected trillion-dollar ecommerce market.

In comes personalization…are you ready? When speaking with multiple B2B retail businesses we’ve heard some similar concerns about transforming their digital experience. We’d like to discuss a few of those concerns and how Certona can help you get the most out of your personalization investment.

#1: We do not sell anything on our site. Why is personalization important?
Findability is key. With a sophisticated blend of context, continuous behavioral profiling and predictive analytics, our engine fuels intelligent insights for delivering the best content, offers and recommendations that best resonate with each individual visitor. Whether logged in or visiting anonymously, each individual will receive a 1:1 experience increasing relevant discovery and findability. The metric of success is engagement and with Certona’s AI-based patented solutions, we can deliver ultimate engagement results.

#2: We do not have the team and resources to allocate for personalization.
Certona is a true partner and can be leveraged as an extension of your team. Not all of our clients have the resources to allocate to personalization. Our goal is to have a collaborative approach and work closely with you to implement the right solutions and support on-going optimization of personalization strategies for ultimate results. Every client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager whose role is to ensure your success. You can be as hands on as you want or you can leverage our team and best practices to drive your program. We believe in full transparency and at any time, you can log in and access reporting and testing capabilities.

#3: Our feed is not conducive to optimize personalization strategies. Can Certona assist with optimizing our feed(s)?
Your feed IS important. The feed is what all of the personalization strategies, rules and biases are filtered off of. Without a “good” feed, your personalization results will fall flat. Certona can help. Even before becoming a partner, Certona can review your feed and guide you with our best practices. We will let you know exactly what we will need and the steps to get you there. If you do have a concern about your feed and are looking to implement personalization, we would love to help you. We want you to succeed. If you are successful, then we are successful.

As the personalization pioneer, Certona has over a decade of experience in delivering cutting-edge personalization solutions and achieving significant results. Certona can help your B2B business develop, scale and maintain a successful personalization program. Are you ready? Contact us for a free website assessment. We truly look forward to helping you.