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Case Study: How Advanced Personalization Strategies Help Accelerate Sale & Clearance Purchases

Case Study: How Advanced Personalization Strategies Help Accelerate Sale & Clearance Purchases

Personalizing the online shopping experience can serve many goals such as increase site engagement and increase average order value. In this case study we will focus on one fast fashion retailer who had a surplus of sale & clearance items that needed to be sold to reduce inventory carrying costs in preparation for a warehouse relocation. See how advanced personalization strategies, testing and collaboration helped the fashion retailer achieve this in just three weeks.


Preparing for a warehouse relocation, a fast fashion apparel retailer needed to deplete as much Sale & Clearance items as possible in order to reduce the quantity and cost of inventory needed to be moved to the new location. With a maximum of three weeks to make a critical impact on sales volume, they entrusted long-time personalization partner Certona to provide a quick solution before the warehouse relocation.


Knowing the warehouse relocation was less than three weeks away and that products needed to be sold fast, the main focus was on deploying advanced personalization strategies on the shopping cart page.

Working closely with Certona’s Experience Optimization Team, the fashion retailer conducted a series of sophisticated strategy tests and analysis to quickly learn what worked best. As a result, a combination of Certona’s personalization solution with the fashion retailer’s preferred sale & clearance based business rules were applied to the shopping cart’s product recommendations.

Certona’s personalization types were filtered against individual customer profiles and real-time context to predict and deliver the sale & clearance items that would best resonate with each shopper, providing an extra conversion improvement. This collaboration and execution took just 3 days and went live quickly and smoothly.


Once the new strategies were launched, on-going daily site reviews were conducted to analyze conversion metrics, sales velocity and inventory depletion. This personalized shopping cart strategy resulted in an increase for all key performance indicators and exceeded expectations for selling approximately 200,000 sale & clearance items within the 3-week time frame.

  • 24% increase in recommendation click through rate
  • 38% increase in shopping cart conversion rate
  • 28% increase in sales for recommended products
  • 200,000 sale & clearance products sold in 3 weeks


Businesses need to think of personalization as a strategy, not a simple feature. Due to the close collaboration the fashion retailer had with the Certona personalization team, they were able to quickly come up with a plan to address their business needs and utilize the right strategies and testing tactics to ultimately achieve their goal through personalization. All businesses looking to utilize personalization to drive more sales should take the same approach as the fashion retailer in this case study.

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