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Certona Expands Patent Portfolio

Certona Expands Patent Portfolio

Personalization pioneer furthers innovation to orchestrate the customer journey

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 10, 2018— Certona, the global leader in real-time, AI-powered omnichannel personalization for the world’s largest brands and retailers, today announced the expansion of their patent portfolio, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership of the global digital commerce industry.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the company US Patent No. 9,916,611, a system and method for collecting and targeting visitor behavior, which creates robust visitor profiles that e-commerce organizations leverage to deliver relevant, meaningful and personalized shopping experiences. Data is collected directly from the visitor’s website activity and processed in real-time to modify page content to predict and apply a personalized experience. The patent covers Certona’s proprietary approach to instrumenting websites and apps to collect customer actions and convert them into a universal representation that enables coordinated personalization of disparate types of digital assets.

The company’s patent portfolio includes a variety of proprietary technologies for predicting human behavior. Certona is one of the only personalization providers in the market with a patented approach, including key patents for personalized search (US 8,903,811), email targeting (US 9,697,478), and automated segmentation based on differences in conversion propensity (US 9,147,159).

“The industry has been inundated with data science buzzwords and vendors have not been shy about applying these terms very liberally,” said Meyar Sheik, CEO & Co-Founder of Certona. “Certona pioneered real-time personalization and terms like AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, which are deeply meaningful to us and reflected in our patents. Our clients deserve, and require, the best technology on the market and we will continue to push the boundaries of personalized customer experiences to orchestrate the optimal customer journey.”

Certona offers a complete suite of personalization solutions that enable data-driven, contextually relevant, individualized customer experiences in real time across all touchpoints. Their patented algorithms are at the core of Certona’s unique ability to leverage a full range of profile, contextual, historical, and real-time data across all channels and device types to calculate the individual’s next-best-action and provide a fully orchestrated experience. Whether it is click behaviors, CRM information, geo-location, purchase history, device type, time of day, or persona, nearly any data point available or imaginable can be leveraged within Certona to optimize and predict individual affinities.

“With 8 patents issued and 5 more in the pipeline, Certona’s patent portfolio demonstrates its longstanding and continuing leadership in personalization technology,” said Dr. Geoffrey Hueter, CTO and Co-Founder of Certona. “Our data science approach to personalization and profiling enables organizations to bring together their customers’ contextual experiences and behavioral data to create deep profiles. This automatic and continuous learning about the individual’s web, mobile and in-store actions enables brands or retailers to anticipate and predict behavior to deliver a 1:1 personalized experience.”