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The Results Are In! Mobile Shopping Dominates Black Friday Sales

The Results Are In! Mobile Shopping Dominates Black Friday Sales

According to the Digital Commerce 360, Black Friday mobile sales drove more than 46% of revenue, while contributing to 61% of traffic to retail sites. Shoppers are looking to continue their spending spree and capitalize on Cyber Monday.

Mobile devices continue to be an important channel in the shoppers’ journey. They expect the same personalized experience on their mobile device as they would on a desktop. These initial stats show how crucial it is to optimize the mobile experience to capitalize on holiday spending. Here are our top tips for personalizing the mobile experience.

1. Homepage, Make It Count: Since mobile interfaces have limited space compared to a desktop or laptop computer, make better use of that space by promoting products directly on the homepage. This will immediately engage shoppers with a personalized product selection.

2. Make it Relatable with Individualized Context: Personalization is all about context, especially for mobile shoppers. To make the shopping experience more individualized, leverage contextual information such as location, weather, device type and past shopping behavior to provide relevant content and product recommendations.

3. The Power of Overlays: Implement page overlays to drive more product views based on real-time shopper browsing behaviors and items added to the shopping cart. Overlays can also be used for free shipping or discounts to engage shoppers early in the discovery process. An early promotional message can help entice shoppers, showing them what deals you have.

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Happy Holidays!