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The Big Data Promise of 2014: Improving the Customer Experience

The Big Data Promise of 2014: Improving the Customer Experience

There is an ocean of data flooding the business world. An ever-expanding list of new devices, social networks and the ‘Internet of Things’ are changing how brands interact with customers. Untangling this complex web of data into actionable insight is no easy feat. It requires real-time analytics and a holistic view into the data as it pertains to each customer. To harness Big Data and turn it into useful information for an effective engagement strategy, marketers and retailers must focus on the customer. Then, they must apply the programs, technologies and tools that gather a 360-degree view of the customer across channels. Only then will businesses reap the benefits of the data available to them.

The wearable device channel, for instance, will add to the data overload in 2014 as adoption grows. ABI Research projects 90 million wearable devices to ship this year. This is a win for marketers, because wearable devices will introduce more contextual data for them to analyze and add to a customer’s profile. Ultimately this translates into increased personalization and engagement. To be effective, however, brands will need to cut through the data noise with analytical tools. The goal is to separate the data to find what’s both interesting and useful. This ability will lead a marketing team to deliver the right messages to the right customer, at the right time. This is the promise of Big Data and omnichannel personalization, and one that we enable for our own clients so they can improve their customers’ experience – and ultimately, their own bottom lines.

Brands can also use Big Data to manage and forecast future customer behavior—a critical component of an effective personalization strategy. Customers are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages in-store and online, making it easy to ignore or miss brands’ messages. The predictive component of Big Data enables retailers and marketers to customize the customer experience. All that’s needed is the right toolkit of technologies that allow one to take the best action on customer behavior.

Now is the time to capitalize on the promise of Big Data. By adding the power of analytics and nurturing data into insights, retailers will finally be poised to truly benefit both brand and buyer.

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