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4 Ways Brands Are Using Unified Data

4 Ways Brands Use Unified Data to Personalize the Customer Journey (and Sell More)

Presented in partnership with BRP Consulting.

Today’s shoppers begin and end their customer journey in a number of different channels, including online marketplaces, and social media, and frequently shop for the same product across different retailers, both online and in the store. Retailers hoping to capture and keep these shoppers’ attention need to make it easy to go from one channel to the next without disrupting their brand experience.

And the key to curating that shopping experience is customer data.

Check out this webinar, in partnership with BRP Consulting as we discuss the top 4 ways that brands are doing this today, along with real-world examples and a look at things to come.

Hot Topics:
  • Creating a consistent brand experience
  • Improving the online shopping experience
  • Optimizing personalization
  • Creating an engaging mobile shopping experience

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