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INDUSTRY REPORT 2019 Leading Vendors to the IR Top 1000 E-Retailers

Cater to the Fashionista in Every Customer

Today’s consumers are technologically savvy and digitally connected — and they count on their retail brands to be the same. When shopping across channels, they expect seamless and personalized experiences that make it easy for them to find what they want. Fashion retail is unique in that it’s highly subjective and inherently personal. Shopper traits vary widely among brands, styles, price points and other preferences, and fashionistas aren’t just looking for a product; they are looking to retailers as the experts who can guide them in curating their individual style and fashion identity.

Download our white paper to learn 5 proven personalization strategies with best practices specific to fashion retailers that will help you:

  • Drive engagement by personalizing the entire customer experience across channels.
  • Boost up-sell and cross-sell conversions by tapping into the buying mood.
  • Leverage contextualization for the most relevant mobile experiences.
  • Increase revenue per email with dynamic personalization.