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    Charlotte Russe Extends Partnership with Certona to Deliver AI-Powered 1:1 Personalized Shopping Experiences

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. Enhances Product Findability with 1:1 Personalized B2B Buying Experiences

    Tailored Brands Selects Certona as its Strategic Personalization Partner

    Destination Maternity Partners with Certona to Boost Online Sales Through 1:1 Personalization

    Trusted by many of the world’s leading BRANDS & REtailers



    We help retailers and brands worldwide in all industries achieve eCommerce and business goals with the most individualized, real-time personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints. See How We Do It


    *Increase in shopper key performance metrics when engaging with Certona recommendations.

    Personalize every channel across your shoppers’ journey to drive higher engagement and conversion.


    Certona offers a complete line of solutions to drive engagement and conversion through every step of the shopping journey.


    Why certona is right for your business

    Omnichannel Scalability

    Driving higher engagement, revenue and lifetime value as profile intelligence is shared across channels

    With unified customer recognition across all channels and devices, Certona’s solution delivers the most tailored and consistent brand experiences. From acquisition and engagement to remarketing and conversion, sharing cross channel knowledge throughout the customer lifecycle enhances experiences, drives more revenue and encourages repeat business.

    Real-time & Continuous Learning

    Self-optimizing, deep-level profiles from each interaction and delivering 1:1 personalized experiences

    Unmatched in customer profiling, Certona’s solution leverages all of your data – CRM, purchase history, browse behavior, context and more – and augments profiles with each interaction, sharing that intelligence in real-time within and across channels, resulting in the most data driven one-to-one experiences.

    1:1 Individualized Profiling

    10 years of leadership from unmatched profiling and predicting consumer behavior

    Proven to be the highest performing personalization system on the market, Certona’s platform has the unique ability to profile and predict behavior within three to four clicks, including the largest untapped segments of new and anonymous traffic. The result is predictive, real-time hyper-personalized customer experiences that give retailers and brands the ultimate engagement and conversion advantage.