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Certona Personalized Experience Management

Certona’s new solution suite is designed for digital marketer and merchandisers to help transform the way they engage with customers with a variety of hyper-personalized experiences for the ultimate engagement and conversion advantage.

Certona Web

Enable online retailers to intelligently deliver targeted product and offers to consumers resulting in increased revenues and customer loyalty.

Certona Email & Remarketing

Leverage real-time website behavior, purchase history, and catalog product profiles into your email communications. Recover lost sales after visitors abandon shopping carts or browsing sessions by sending timely, automated personalized emails.

Certona Mobile & Tablet

Improve your mobile and tablet solutions with product and content recommendations and enhance the in-store experience with tools for customers and sales associates.

Certona Content & Offers

Deliver personalized content, whether it's yours or user-generated, and test creative, including images, videos, and promotions, to achieve the maximum results for each individual site visitor.

Certona Smart Test & Analytics

Automate experience testing to obtain results faster and more accurately by isolating test variables, auto-balancing audiences and coordinating winning experiences across all digital assets.

Certona Contextual Segment

Certona's Contextual Segment solution enables retailers to transform the way they target consumers by delivering contextually aware content, offers and recommendations that speak to each visitors' interests and specific circumstances.

Certona Product Finder

Help shoppers find their perfect match with this interactive guided selling tool. Capture explicit customer feedback to match recommendations to each shopper’s precise preferences and interests.

Certona Product Recommendations

Certona’s patented technology enables businesses to automate delivery to true in-the-moment experiences for each individual customer and influence additional engagement and purchases.

Certona Search

Greatly improve your customers' site search experience with personalized results. Take advantage of 'No Results' pages to allow customers to discover products they may not have found otherwise.

Certona Contact Center

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by delivering personalized product recommendations and promotions to your contact center customers.

Omnichannel Personalization in Action

Learn how to unleash your customer data to personalize the shopper journey. They retail industry has experinced massive chage over the years, learn more on the evolution of retail and how to engage with individual shoppers the moment they enter your site, and take them through a customer jouney across all touchpoints.

Certona Product Finder in Action at eTail West 2015

Robert Muzingo, Director of eCommerce for Joe's Jeans, and Certona CEO, Meyar Sheik share a preview of Joe’s personalized Style Finder, leveraging on of Certona’s newest Smart Shopping Solutions.

A Tailored Experience For Every Customer

How are you getting the attention of today’s connected consumer? With our integrated suite of Personalized Experience Management™ solutions, Certona empowers digital marketers and merchandisers to transform the way they engage with customers at every touchpoint.

Certona Personalized Experience Management™

Delivering personalized customer experiences for the world's most popular retailers and brands. Certona is the leader for real-time omnichannel personalization.

The True Experience of One

Certona has been providing personalization for multi-channel retailers since 2004. Find out how we have used that time in the industry to provide your consumers with the best possible shopping experience.

The Certona Advantage

Certona has been named the Personalization Leader by Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide for 6 consecutive years. See how we can personalize any digital asset from content, offers/video and products.

Webinar: Personalizing the Mobile Shopping Experience

Certona, in conjunction with Retail TouchPoints, hosted a webinar on Oct. 9th, 2012. It covered specific strategies for retailers looking to implement the most successful mobile programs.

TouchPoints TV with Certona

Certona shares its insights on personalization techniques retailers can implement to better engage with consumers in this episode of TouchPoints TV recorded at the 2012 Annual Summit in Denver, CO.

Are You Taking It Personally?

In conjunction with SLI Systems & Responsys, Certona hosted this event presenting "The Reality of Personalisation and Relevance for Retailers" on 13/2/2013 in London. This video showcases the key speakers and takeaways from the insightful discussions that took place.

Certona & Petco Success

Adam Amantea, Program/eCommerce Platform Manager at Petco, discusses Petco's relationship with Certona that has resulted in tremendous business success.

Certona & Sport Chalet Success

Peter Taylor, Director of Business Development & eCommerce at Sport Chalet, discusses how Certona has helped Sport Chalet enhance its shopper's experiences through automated, optimized merchandising and expert guidance.

Certona & SS Success

Ellen Gooch, eCommerce Analyst with Soft Surroundings, discusses Soft Surroundings' success in utilizing Certona's Personalization Platform at Internet Retailer's Conference & Exposition 2011.

Learn how GameStop took a phased approach to implementing multichannel personalization, enabling them to share data across channels for quick results, including a 41% boost in web AOV, a 29% hike in mobile conversions and a 2X lift in responder demand.

Wanting to increase recommendation effectiveness from manual assignment, MoMA looked to Certona to boost sales via automated, self-optimizing product recommendations.

Learn how Certona helped Soft Surroundings, a multi-channel women's apparel retailer, boost recommendation conversions & increase the rate at which excess inventory was sold with geotargeting.

See what suggestions Certona's personalization experts made to boost key performance metrics site wide for this Top 500 Apparel Retailer.

Find out how Certona helped this first-time user of personalized recommendations increase average order value & revenue.

Discover how, the leading consumer-driven footwear company in the country, increased average order value by 30% and aided the discovery of new products for their customers.

PUMA, a world-renowned sports brand, selected Certona to manage their diverse merchandising mix and achieved a 69% increase in revenue per visit from shoppers responding to their recommendations.

Learn how Sport Chalet increased customer engagement and conversions by deploying Certona personalized recommendations across their home page, search, category, product detail and cart pages.

See how Certona helped Patrick James, a luxury menswear retailer, realize higher website revenue with an AOV of $477.53.

Learn how Utrecht boosted its conversion rate and AOV by over 10%. These increases, in conjunction with other improvements made in collaboration with the Certona team, contributed to a rise in recommendation demand of nearly $100,000.

With Certona’s recommendations, Fredericks of Hollywood experienced a 56% increase in revenue vs. their in-house recommendations and automated the laborious task of manual merchandising.

5 Emerging Technologies that Will Drive Revenue in 2015

Innovating the customer experience to adapt to shifting consumer preferences and emerging technology capabilities will continue to be top of mind for leading retail brands.

2014 Holiday eBook: The Ultimate Holiday Engagement and Conversion Advantage

Today's shoppers expect you to understand them and to deliver on their individual wants and needs immediately, especially during the Holiday season. Be the retailer that provides the personalized experience they desire, and stands apart from the competition.

Cater to the Fashionista in Every Customer

In an industry as highly subjective and inherently personal as fashion retail, how are you breaking through the complexities of widely varying shopper traits to deliver tailored customer experiences.

eBook: Building a Personalization Power House

Discover the essential requirements for implementing a strategy that lives up to the demands of today's savvy consumer, while providing businesses quick integration, actionable intelligence, marketing flexibility and omnichannel scalability.

Critical Success Factors for Omnichannel Personalization

Learn to use real-time personalization to increase sales, raise average order value and improve conversions. Address the factors for revenue optimization and how to select a personalization platform.

Discover the Power of Omnichannel Personalization

With the omnichannel shopper has come the expectation of an omnichannel experience. What does that entail though? In this whitepaper, learn what true omnichannel personalization is and how you can ensure consumer delight.

Personalization Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Success

Gain deep insight into non-responders, conversion rates, average order value, segmentation and demand from recommendations. The industry's first report on which key performance indicators are most important for effective personalization and measurable value.

Moving Forward with Mobile

This whitepaper offers the key insights retailers are looking from when determining the best ways to provide a personalized experience to consumers in their mobile channel.

The Reality of Personalization

In a world where consumers expect an engaging shopping experience, businesses are seeking to deliver on that expectation by developing strategies that speak to each customer on an individual level. This white paper explores the proven way to accomplish this. Implement a personalization strategy that includes product and content recommendations and leverages the power of real-time customer profiling.