What does it take to stand out in the crowd? Brands often bet on expanding advertisement, promotions or marketing. While each of these elements is integral to any successful campaign, they contribute to a much bigger picture: Customer engagement. Today’s millennial generation responds to deeply personalized, ongoing and meaningful experiences. Marketers must operate under the guise that ‘good enough’ equates to poor customer experiences. Brands must now go above and beyond to build a strong following by meeting consumers where they are, connecting with them how they want and treating them as individuals. 

The Big Picture of NRF 2015

Written by on January 20th, 2015

The National Retail Federation welcomed 33,000 attendees in Manhattan for the NRF 2015 show last week. Among the vendors and industry leaders, ‘customer experience’ stood out as the big picture theme. As brands evolve toward omnichannel, creating a memorable experience sits at the top of the priority list. The question of course, is “how?”.