B2B eCommerce Personalization – Are you ready?

Written by Lindsey Boswell on June 19, 2017

Times are changing. Businesses and buyers are well informed and patience as a virtue is now lost as the online B2B buyer expects a relevant and easy experience. Whether searching for a product or information about a product or service, delivering a fast, efficient experience is vital for capitalizing on the projected trillion-dollar ecommerce market.... Read More

Leveraging Mobile as a Gateway to Omnichannel Retail

Written by David Wang on May 1, 2017

How has mobile changed the retail landscape? With rapid technological advances in mobile devices over the years, it has changed the way consumers shop. Before mobile shopping became available, online shopping was more difficult as you would need access to a desktop or laptop computer (with internet) in order to shop. Smartphones and devices have... Read More

Mobile Personalization Strategies That Drive More Sales

Written by David Wang on March 23, 2017

Let’s begin with some facts on the current state of mobile usage: As of today, there are over 2 billion people with smartphones worldwide. 1 25% of Americans use only mobile devices to access the internet (as opposed to desktops). 2 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase.3... Read More

How Personalization Helps the Merchandising Team

Written by David Wang on March 1, 2017

Online merchandisers have numerous responsibilities including picking the right suppliers and products, managing inventory and margin, as well as analyzing performance, just to name a few. With only so many hours in a day, online merchandisers have to balance their workload and reduce manual work in order to be productive and efficient. This is where... Read More

How Personalization Helps the Digital Marketing Team

Written by David Wang on February 15, 2017

Technology has dramatically improved the way marketers broadcast their messages to their audience. Ever since the early 1990’s, companies have been able to use digital channels to promote their products and services whether it’s a website banner or email campaigns. However, digital marketing campaigns were not very effective as there were little or no means... Read More

Enhancing the B2B Buying Experience with Personalization

Written by David Wang on February 13, 2017

By 2018, Gartner predicts, B2B companies with effective personalization on their e-commerce sites will outsell by 30% competitors without the same level of personalization. For B2B buyers, it’s all about speed and efficiency. B2B e-commerce websites should act as a personal assistant for the buyer to quickly find what they need. Personalization helps by reducing... Read More

Personalization Case Study: A Convergence of Partnership and Strategy

Written by Morgan Meyer on February 3, 2017

eCommerce personalization is more than just a feature; it’s a strategy. It goes beyond simple product recommendations and general segmentation to focus on the individual shopper and their explicit interests.   According to Gartner, “Digital personalization engines used for commerce integrate with one or more digital commerce platforms or alternative technologies used for selling. These... Read More

How to Create an Omnichannel Personalization Strategy for 2017 and Beyond

Written by David Wang on January 4, 2017

Consumers today don’t think in terms of channels or devices. They expect to have a seamless and pain-free shopping experience that is personalized to their preferences and style.   According to Forrester Research: More than 60% of US consumers who like to interact with brands do so through multiple channels 48% of repeat customers hit... Read More

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