Brace Yourselves: Holiday Shopping Season Is Coming

Written by April Mazon on August 25, 2015

The lines between digital and physical commerce have blurred. Consumers are increasingly more connected and using various channels to research, browse, and shop. If last year’s holiday shopping season was any indication, shoppers will continue to engage with brands via digital and in-store services throughout the 2015 season. Now is the time for brands to... Read More

Personalization Makes Its Way In-Store

Written by Meyar Sheik on August 14, 2015

Personalization has been an industry buzzword over the last few years. Everyone from the retail sector to healthcare to hospitality has looked into personalization technologies to deliver more compelling customer experiences and branch out into multiple digital channels. Eventually, we’ll see personalization integrated into every business strategy. Personalization has gained the biggest momentum in e-commerce.... Read More

Out With the Old and In With Digital Loyalty Programs

Written by Todd Scholl on August 10, 2015

Loyalty programs date back to the early 1980s when American Airlines kicked off their Frequent Flier program. Since then we’ve seen several variations of this program from credit card companies, grocers and retailers. Businesses are now looking to breathe new life into stale loyalty programs and appeal to digitally savvy customers and trendy millennials. It’s... Read More

Making the Grade in Back-to-School Shopping

Written by Todd Scholl on August 6, 2015

August signals the back-to-school season for most families, but for retailers, the season started as early as May. This month also marks retailers’ final push for profits in relation to back-to-school shopping, but as analysts suspect, this season may be lackluster compared to previous ones. A recent survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) shows... Read More

A View From the Top: Insights from Merchandising Workshop

Written by Todd Scholl on July 27, 2015

How are brands evolving as customer habits transform? Industry leaders at last week’s Online Merchandising Workshop aimed to address this question. Brands acknowledge that as customers become more digitally savvy, they too must adapt or risk a similar fate to the likes of Blockbuster. Having witnessed dramatic losses and wins in the last few... Read More

Breaking Down Amazon Prime Day: Was It Worth It?

Written by Todd Scholl on July 21, 2015

Looking to spice up your business this summer? You may want to take a few notes from Amazon. The online retailer turned up the heat last week with one of the most talked about sales events of the year: Amazon Prime Day. The 24-hours sales event was a huge success from a sales and marketing... Read More

How ‘Search’ Will Get Its Groove Back

Written by Todd Scholl on July 13, 2015

Amazon found itself in hot water last week for what one brand calls its ‘confusing’ and unfair search results. This isn’t Amazon’s first legal battle regarding search, however. In the UK, Lush cosmetics company also sued Amazon for its dubious search practices. Other behemoths have also struggled with search-related legal troubles. Brands have also criticized... Read More

Delighting Luxury Shoppers with Virtual Reality

Written by Todd Scholl on July 6, 2015

The luxury retail market could be losing its sparkle, according to The Financial Times. A slowdown in revenue marked by geopolitical and economic instability around the world is to blame. While the luxury goods market has historically relied on a stable customer base and strong brand reputation, the recent slowdown indicates that even high-end customers... Read More

Could Buy Buttons Be The Next Big Thing In Retail?

Written by Todd Scholl on June 29, 2015

Social commerce is not just a buzzword anymore. Rather, it offers the potential to complement retailers’ e-commerce strategies and create more powerful customer experiences online. Business Insider reported that the top 500 retailers earned $3.3 billion from social shopping in 2014. Social media sites are paying attention to this trend. Earlier this month, Pinterest announced... Read More

IRCE 2015: ‘Be guest obsessed, not channel obsessed’

Written by Todd Scholl on June 15, 2015

How do you integrate your brick-and-mortar operations into a thriving, omnichannel business? All it takes is a ‘guest obsessed’ approach to digital and in-person customer experiences. This might sound a bit odd coming from the head of and mobile, but Jason Goldberger’s keynote address at last week’s IRCE 2015 hit the nail on the... Read More

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